AZ Screen Recorder for PC, Laptop | Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) – Download

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the popular screen recorders on Android. This app is a relevant app for Android devices, but you will not find this on your PC. This is the best recording application on screen, and no root access is required for the working of this app. Here I will show how to get AZ screen recorder for PC. This app is ad-free and easy to handle due to its user-friendly interface. In this software only you have to tap to start and application. In this app only you have to start and stop for recording your screen in Full HD or just HD. You can pause and resume recording in this app, and it is the only app to have this feature in the android market.

AZ Screen Recorder for PC

AZ Screen Recorder for PC

Right now this app is unavailable for Windows, and here in this article, I am going to show you the steps for getting AZ screen recorder for PC.

Features of AZ Screen Recorder:

The various features of this app make it so much efficient for working. So below I am going to mention some of the key features of this amazing application.

  • It enables you to record the screen in HD and Full HD formats.
  • You can also set the frame rate, orientation, screen resolution, time-lapse and bit rate.
  • With this app, you can also record your voice while working.
  • It helps you to add logo and or text to your screen.
  • The video can be edited in the output directory.
  • You can crop and trim the video, exacts frames and also replace audio.
  • You can convert the video into GIF and will be able to draw it on screen.
  • There will be a time which is ready for snap and start the video.
  • It is very easy to use due to its user-friendly interface.
  • You will get this application free from the Internet.
  • Countdown timer help to auto start and auto stop recording.
  • You can stop any recording through shaking your mobile.

AZ Screen Recorder for PC:

The AZ screen recorder is very useful for recording screen, and the features of this app make it more interesting to use. So for using its features, you have to download this app on your computer. But this application is not released officially for Windows. So here are the steps for downloading this app on your Windows PC.

  • First, you have to download the emulator from the Internet for running this app on your PC.
  • For this go to the web browser and search for Bluestack Emulator on the search engine.
  • From there visit the trusted website and click on the download logo or link for downloading this emulator.
  • After that install the emulator on your PC.
  • Then open BlueStack and got to the search option and search with AZ Screen Recorder.
  • The search result will be displayed and from that result download the application.

AZ Screen Recorder for PC: How to Install?

As we know that for downloading and installing AZ recorder for PC we have to download Bluestack Emulator. And here are the steps for installing this application through this emulator.

  • After downloading the Emulator Install it on your PC.
  • Then have to sign in or register yourself on the emulator.
  • Then go to the search option and search with AZ Screen Recorder.
  • After the result is displayed, click on Install to start installing it on your PC.
  • The installation will take few seconds.
  • After that open the app through the emulator and start screen recording.

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorder available on the market. This app is loaded with some amazing features that I have mentioned above. And these features enable it to perform some important task while recording screen. So I have shown in this article that how to download AZ screen emulator for PC. As you know that, this app is only for and Android, so for that, you have to download an emulator for installing and running this application on your Windows PC.  If you have any thoughts regarding this topic, then share with us by commenting below, so that we can write more about this interesting topics.

AZ Screen Recorder for PC, Laptop | Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) – Download
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How to use AZ Screen Recorder & Record Your Android Screen!

How to use AZ Screen Recorder: AZ is the best recorder that can record your Lollipop screen easily. This is absolutely a handy app that you can enjoy using on your Android Lollipop Smartphone. This app has many good recording features which I will mention in this post. You can now make screencast beautiful videos using AZ screen recorder. All you need now is available in one app and using this you can get a high quality recording. In this post, I will tell you how to use AZ screen recorder app, keep reading this post to know more about this app.

How to use AZ Screen Recorder

Features of AZ screen recorder:

This AZ is the best video recording app that gives you a good record output. The app is devoid of any watermarks, frame loss, and time limit and gives you amazing video recording features. A red dot will appear on the lower corner of your screen, once the recording gets started. So, if you want to know few more stunning features of this video recording app then read the following.

  • You can take full HD quality videos using this app.
  • You don’t need to root access your device for using AZ screen recorder.
  • You can customize timer to stop your recording.
  • Select the directory for saving the recorded data files.
  • You can easily record the game you are playing and watch it later.
  • There is no length limit for recording with AZ which means you can take long videos easily.
  • You can easily share and view or delete the recorded files.
  • It has a magic button that controls your recording without showing the progress on the screen.
  • It has the overlay front camera that helps you to record your face and emotions in a small overlay window.
  • The recorded file can be dragged freely to any position of the screen and customized to your suitable size and opacity.
  • You can draw some unique symbol using color directly on the screen.
  • This app enables you to trim videos and this way you can keep only the important part of the video.
  • You can convert your recorded video into GIF format easily from within the app.
  • You can add some soundtrack of your own on the top of the video recorded.

Steps to use AZ screen recorder:

  • For using AZ screen recorder first, you have to download the app successfully on your Android device.
  • Launch the app from your mobile, and you will find the overlay of four buttons appearing.
  • After the installation of the app, adjust the app by going to Settings.
  • Tab on the gear icon to tweak the bit rate, frame rate, and recording resolution.
  • You can open the app and easily navigate on the screen that you want to record.
  • You can use all the features of this app while taking the video and later after capturing all the videos.
  • Using AZ recorder, you can easily trip your videos and save only the necessary portion of the video.
  • You can now Press the record button and do the recording using some of the features mentioned above.
  • Once the recording gets completed, just press stop and saves it on your phone storage.

How to download AZ screen recorder app?

For downloading the AZ screen recorder app, just open your device Play Store. In the search bar, just type ‘AZ screen recorder’ and start searching. You will find a related result appearing on your mobile screen. Now open the app and install it directly by tapping on the “Install” button. So, this way you can easily install the app successfully on your Android Smartphone. The installation will be completed within a few minutes, and you will find the app on your device app drawer.

So, I hope that you are now aware of how to use AZ screen recorder app on your Android Lollipop. If you like some of the features of AZ that I mentioned in this post, then you can download the app from your official Google Play Store easily. Thus, you can now enjoy using AZ screen recorder and make beautiful screencast quality videos on your Smartphone.

How to use AZ Screen Recorder & Record Your Android Screen!
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AZ Screen Recorder App | Download Apk for Android & iOS

AZ Screen Recorder App: There is a very few screen recorder app for Android operating system. Among the few AZ screen recorder is the best. AZ Screen Recorder 4.6 is the latest version, and it works well in Android Lollipop and any higher version of an Android operating system. It offers best quality screen recording than any other screen recorder app. With AZ screen recorder app you can make a beautiful video and in a video you can crop and trim, as per your requirements. You can also add and replace video and much more.  Another unique feature of AZ screen recorder is that it doesn’t require root device. So, it minimizes the difficulty of installation.

AZ Screen Recorder App – Download

AZ Screen Recorder App


Features of AZ Screen Recorder App

Many unique features of it that help it to remain on the top of all screen recorder app till now. Below I have listed some of its features. Reading all its features, I am sure you will be eager to download it on your phone.

  • You don’t need to root your device.
  • This app is totally free.
  • It saves internet date and works well on any internet connection
  • It works well on every Android OS above Lollipop.
  • It is free from any type of annoying adds.
  • There is no issue of any type of watermark in any video that you have been designed using  AZ screen recorder.
  • You can pause as well as resume any recording of video.
  • It is developed with very easy User Interface. For its better UI, everybody can easily operate it.
  • You can share video to any of friends.
  •  AZ Screen Recorder App offers many impressive demo and tutorial videos.
  • It has an auto-hide magic button that helps you to start and stop recording. This magic button will not be available after you have uploaded a video.
  • With this App, you can make a video with your face and sound.
  • Users can easily change position on the screen.
  • It has a countdown timer that helps you to set a time of your recording.
  • You can record video with low as well as high resolution.

AZ Screen Recorder App – How to use?

This App requires accepting few permissions, from your side before you going to launch it on your phone. Terms and Condition may vary from the Android version. After accepting all condition, you can now launch this app on your phone.

It has a bubble button by which you can interact with it.Bubble button gets disappear once you have done with recording.

After recording complete, you need to stop this recording. There are many options and technique to stop any recording. Below are all different techniques –

  1. Go to notification area to stop.
  2. Directly stop recording on screen.
  3. Shake to stop any recording.
  4. Use countdown timer to stop recording automatically.
  5. Tap on a red blinking button.

When the recording is complete you can directly play, dismiss, share that video from here. Adds may appear but it doesn’t effect on actual recording. So, don’t worried about adds.

How to Record?

As I have sais earlier, there is different screen recorder app nut AZ screen recorder is the best one. It is very easy to operate. Once you have successfully downloaded, follow the below steps to record your first video.

  • AZ  have four buttons on the home screen. Click on the gear button and set or manage the recording settings as per your requirements. In this option, you can manage resolution, frame rate, and bit rate.
  • Once you have finished with all settings, go back to the main screen.
  • Open the App.
  • Click on Camera icon of AZ
  • Recording start, follow any above-shared procedure to stop any recording.

AZ Screen Recorder App Download

This app is available in Google play store, and other trusted App sources as Uptodown, 9apps, etc.On the Google play store click on AZ Screen Recorder -No Root. Now click on Install. It will get automatically installed after download.

If you are going to download from other sources, then you have to download the Apk file of this App. Once you have downloaded the Apk file, it gets stored in the fDownload folder in you file manager. Click on that Apk file and follow some simple steps. You need to accept some terms and condition and one and crucial thing, you have to enable “Unknown Sources” of your mobile. First, go to mobile settings and click on security. Then here click to enable unknown sources.

AZ screen recorder is the best among all free android screen recorder app. You can easily and simply record any video in any resolution and with minimum internet data. You might have tried many other Apps, but believe me, this app gives you all that you are looking for.

AZ Screen Recorder App | Download Apk for Android & iOS
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AZ Screen Recorder [No Root] – Everything you need to know!

AZ Screen Recorder – No Root is a screen recording tool for the operating system of Android Lollipop and is really known for its amazing screen value recording features. The user can get the best screen recording from this only and only software and this software definitely has no match to concern. This app also does not require any rooted phone with no advertisement and also with no watermark. The user can record beautiful videos and tutorials of what they do on their phone and share it with the world in the best quality which is available.

Using the AZ Screen Recorder – No Root the user can also pause between the video record and then resume from the same position of the point. The user also won’t need to complete the whole recording just to take a break.

This tool also lets the user record the screen to HD and Full HD videos and it is the one and the only screen cast app in the Android market place that can be paused and resumed while recording any video.

AZ Screen Recorder – Features, Procedure to Install & FAQs

AZ Screen Recorder

The user can also record the audio from the mic and it is automatically mixed into the screen cast videos. That makes it very convenient and efficient to create a tutorial, promotional video, the comment about any game and game play or record any type of video chat.

The floating window which is always staying on top will let the user snap at the exact moment on any screen.

In the settings options, the user can enable the screen touches so the people who are watching the videos will know exactly what you are doing.

Here are some more amazing and exciting features of AZ Screen Recorder

  • The Magic button: this app contains a button that controls the recording without showing anything on the screen. Thus, the video viewers will solely focus on the app, the game or whatever they want to screen cast.
  • Front camera with overlay: the user can record their face and their emotions in a small overlay window, that can be dragged freely to any position of a point on the screen and customized to any size.
  • The Countdown timer: is there something the user have to prepare before recording any video? Just Don’t worry, the countdown timer will wait until the user is ready to start and snap at the moment they want.
  • Can Draw on the screen: this unique feature is great while recording or making a tutorial. The user can emphasize, draw a symbol or mark something with any chosen color directly on their screen.
  • Trim videos: the screen cast can be long and can contain some unnecessary information, the user can trim the parts they don’t want to make their videos even more expressive.

How to download and install AZ screen recorder on the Android device

  • Firstly go to the browser of the phone and search for AZ screen recorder apk.
  • Open the first link and from there download the apk file of the application.
  • After downloading the apk file transfer it to the SD card of the device.
  • After transferring, open the apk and install it on the device. If the device pops up or shows notification like “installation blocked “then go to the settings of the device and from there go to the security option by scrolling down there is an option for unknown sources simply enable it.
  • After enabling the unknown sources open the apk again and now simply install it on the device.
  • Now, enjoy recording any video!!

How to use the AZ screen recorder application

  • Open the AZ screen recording application on the android device phone.
  • After launching the software there is an option for recording the screen.
  • Just simply click on it and after clicking it opens the new window.
  • As the window opens, the user now can record their screen.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this tool or software free of cost?

Yes, the application is free without any charges instead this application also does not allow contain any advertisement. So that the user won’t gets any notification or pop-up at the time of recoding the screen.

  • What is the version of operating system required for running the application?

The operating system required for this application is Android lollipop v5.0 for the successful running of the app.

  • What are the main key features of this software?

This app is perfectly great and amazing for recording the screen apart from this, the features of the app include that the user can pause their screen recording in between and this application also contains a magic button which controls the recording without showing up anything on the screen.


The AZ screen recording application is an excellent and amazing application for screen recording with the lots of amazing features. This application also does not require any rooting of the device. Apart from this tool does not contain any advertisement so that the user do not get disturbed while recording the screen.

AZ Screen Recorder [No Root] – Everything you need to know!
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AZ Screen Recorder Alternatives & Similar Apps for Android & iOS

1. SCR screen recorder (Root required below Android Kitkat)

This App is the first app that works perfectly as an alternative for AZ screen recorder. This App is not available on the Google Play Store. It has been removed from Google Olay Store as it violated some terms and condition of Google Play Store. Don’t need to worry. You can download this app from the official site.SCR screen recorder is freely accessible for android above 4.0, but if you are looking to use it for lower version of Android you, have to root your device. It is a free app and widely used by many users. With this, you can record audio. You can add a  front camera if you want to use this app for YouTube videos.

2. AZScreen Recorder

This is an another alternatives of AZ Screen Recorder that also being used by many Android users worldwide.It works perfectly in Android version above Lollipop. It doesn’t require to root your handset. With this app, you can easily pause and resume any recording. It is good to make a tutorial video. It is free but to access some extra features you have to spend some bucks. It has a great user interface, and you can easily change its settings as per your needs and requirements. In its settings, you can change the resolution of video, frame and also it gives a unique feature to add test message or logo to your recording.

3. Unlimited screen recorder

This screen recorder Android app allows unlimited screencast. If you want to use this App you, need to use Android version above Lollipop. You can record audio and video using this App. It has different sample so that you can use it to make your recording nice. This app is also free an very popular. It has a great graphical user interface that attracts most of its user.

4. Google play games

This screen recorder is good for games.Not only for games you can also use it to record anything. This app is totally free, and it is very popular. It recording interface helps you to record whatever you want to record. It has developed a great user interface that makes it easy to handle. You can change its settings as per your requirements, but the main fact is that you can only record video in 720p or 480 p resolution.

5.Mobizen Screen Recorder

This app is a  free android screen recording app, but if you want to use its full feature, then you have to spend some money. This is a good screen recording app with average quality and functionality. In this App too, you need to root your device if you are using Android Kitkat or below Android version. This App is greatly designed and now acquires positive reviews from many users worldwide.

6.ilos screen recorder

This app is another screen recording app that does not requires rooting your device. This app works greatly on Android version above Lollipop.Its great user interface helps you to capture video at one click. Before recording it will prompt you a message to notify you whether you want to begin recording. Just click on Start button to begin recording. You can share your recording in this app. It is free and widely used by many users.

These above Apps you can use as alternatives for AZ screen recorder.  This article AZ Screen Recorder Alternative give you all possible good options that work same as AZ screen recorder. They are many other App but the App that I have shared is the best. If you have any other option, then you can put your feedback in the below comment box.

AZ Screen Recorder Alternatives & Similar Apps for Android & iOS
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